How Long Steak Should Sit At Room Temp Before Grilling

"Set the stage for grilling success by allowing your steak to dance with room temperature. Here's the perfect timing for a sizzling performance!"

Letting your steak reach room temperature before grilling ensures more even cooking and a delightful sear.

The Ideal Room Temperature Time

Raw Steak Resting at Room Temperature

1. 30-60 Minutes:

  • Let the steak sit at room temperature for 30-60 minutes before grilling. This allows the cold interior to warm up slightly.

2. Thicker Cuts May Need More Time:

  • For thicker cuts, such as bone-in steaks, consider closer to the 60-minute mark. This ensures that the center isn't too cold when grilling begins.

3. Season During Rest:

  • Take advantage of this time by applying any seasoning or dry rub. Seasoning adheres better to a surface that isn't chilled.

Room Temperature Tips:

Grilled Steak after being Rested and Well Prepared
  • Use a Timer: Set a timer to avoid leaving the steak out for too long, especially in warmer temperatures.
  • Cover for Hygiene: If leaving the steak out for an extended period, cover it with plastic wrap to maintain hygiene.


"Allowing your steak to bask in room temperature is like tuning an instrument before a performance – it ensures a harmonious grilling experience."